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Driver´s license training and transcription of foreign driver´s licenses 

Our driving school offers English driver's license training and transcription of foreign driver's licenses. Experienced driving instructors and staff, some of whom speak English, will accompany you with great pleasure. It is also possible to take the theoretical test in several foreign languages, including English. 

You are welcome to ask for more detailed information about this at the office of your choice.


Notes on transcription

A visitor to Germany may drive a vehicle in Germany with his or her foreign driver's license if he or she does not have a residence in Germany. However, if the holder of a foreign driver's license is resident in Germany and holds a driver's license from an EU or EEA member state, the foreign license does not have to be transcribed. They are recognized here without restriction.

If, however, you come from another country and now want to live in Germany (with a residence permit), you may only drive with your foreign document in the FRG for a maximum of six months. The driving license authority recognizes an exception: If you can credibly show that you will only live in Germany for a total of 12 months, the validity can be extended to the full 12 months.

German law does not recognize foreign driving licenses in the following cases:

  • You are in possession of a learner's permit or otherwise provisionally issued document.
  • You are in possession of a driver's license that was acquired during a stay abroad in this country, but the permanent residence was still in Germany.
  • The validity of your foreign driver's license has expired.
  • Your driving license has been revoked in Germany or in the country from which you come, or you are subject to a driving ban.
  • A final court decision has been made stating that you may not be issued a driving license.

In order to be able to transfer your foreign driver's license, it is first important to know in which country your driver's license was issued. There are three groups to distinguish here: Driving licenses from EU or EEA states, driving licenses from states named in Annex 11 of the Driving License Ordinance and driving licenses from other states.

Depending on the state, you may still have to take a theoretical or practical test. However, this does not apply to driving licenses issued in EU or EEA states.

The owner of a driving license that was obtained in states that are not on the list of the Driving License Regulation must still take a theory and practical test at a driving school or testing institute in order to be able to transfer his or her license to an EU driving license.

A current list of states can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry.

Your car driving license in Germany - transcription of a foreign driving license

With a valid foreign driver's license (from a state outside the EU), the holder may drive motor vehicles to the extent of the authorization only six months after he/she becomes resident in Germany. After that, the foreign driver's license must be converted into a German driver's license (class B is particularly common here).

Tabular Brief overview:"EU-/EWR""List state""Third country"

Local driving authorization without residence in Germany?

Yes Yes Yes

Transfer necessary after establishing residence in Germany?

No Yes Yes

Theoretical and practical test required for transfer?

- No *) Yes

Training in driving school required before exams?




Surrender of foreign driver's license required?

- Yes Yes

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